Welcome to my personal website!

About me

Hello. My name is Ozcan. I'm interested in computers and free software.


Don't ever buy nvidia hardware. I hate them with their bs proprietary drivers. Close all your social media accounts,life's much better without them but there are some good social media apps like Lemmy is a good one. Don't use microsoft services,google services,they're all tracking you. There are better services like I use protonmail myself. Don't use Windows or MacOS,they're tracking you as well. You might say "I have nothing to hide" but that's like saying free speech is useless because i have nothing to say, privacy is always important. Don't use yandex,google,bing,at least use duckduckgo. I personally like startpage myself. The most important one is > Always try to use free software. (Free as in freedom not free as in beer.)

Software Recommendations

For window managers sway/i3 is my best friend. Openbox is nice too if you want a floating wm.

For a web browser i recommend brave.

For operating systems i can only think of using Linux,BSD distrobutions,Haiku and illumos. They're all open source software.

Check out my dotfiles!

i use debian sid btw

I hope you have a good day!